Friday, 10 February 2012

Living within our means

We badly needed more space to allow the kids to grow so we had to move but in moving our rent trebled our council tax doubled and as for gas and electric that's out of control but our wages are still the same.

I was determined that we were going to do this move and get the house all sorted without getting into any debt, we have spent the last 5 years clearing our debt and it has been hard work I didn't want to undo it all, even if it meant scrimping,saving, reusing, shopping in charity shops etc.

One of the main ways that I have been able to make our budget go further is by watching the shopping bill. We have six mouths to feed. Today I made one of our favourites bolognese and it's a great one to make it stretch I used carrots and onions chopped up which are cheap and chopped tomatoes, but also used a large handful of porridge oats which I always have in my cupboards, believe me nobody but you will know they are there, my lot don't so please don't tell them. By doing these things I have turned 1kg of mince into 2kg of bolognese so will do the six of us tonight and another lot in the freezer for another night.

Sarah and I also today made, what are known n our house as daddy's biscuits , they are coconut ones and he loves them. he even knows what ingredients used and brings the ingredients home for me to bake just need to teach him how to bake them himself. I prefer if possible to give the kids home baking as I know what is in the things I make.
Thankyou for reading going to go now and see what else I can do to make the budget go further.

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knitternicky said...

The spag bol looks yummy, I always put plenty of veg in my spag bol too, it's the only time my boys eat celery (finely chopped) to make it go further. The other thing I do if I don't freeze it straight away is use the rest to make lasagna a day or two later. As I already have the meat sauce it's just a case of making a cheese sauce (which I always make from scrtach) and boiling the pasta sheets. One of things that puts me off doing the whole thing from scratch is the amount of cooking and washing up involved, but if one of the sauces is already done it makes it much easier, less time consuming and less washing up.