Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ok here come the excuses for why I haven't kept this blog up. I have moved house in August which needed so much work we are still working very hard on it although it is now at the point we can safely live in it.

My Netbook is broken I can't even find links as I am now using my sons so will not put links for things up straight away but will come back later and insert when I find the links.

I also lost the camara for a few months it was in a box somewhere.

These were all made for either xmas presents or birthday presents the two coloured ones are from a pattern the plain coloured ones were made up as I went along.

Lots more on the go will try my best no more excuses to get here once and a while and let you all know what I am up to.

Thanks for reading Cathy.

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sawn48 said...

Crocheting is one craft that tends to be calming to me. I am not any good at following the directions in the crochet pattern booklets, but when I do find a project I can make to my satisfaction,I make lots of them.This winter I have been making dish cloths, roses, and neck scarves.I have accumulated enough yarn from consignment shops to last me another winter.