Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Will drive me nuts...

First things first I must apolagise for not keeping this blog up to date as mauch as I should but the truth is there has not been anything very exciting to write about unless you find gumpy customers at my work ( their seemed to be a few this weekend) or the fact I had two floods to deal with or I had to pick up a full bowl of Rice crispies off the floor ( they get absolutely everywhere) exciting.
But amongst all this I have managed to get a bit of knitting done. First of all Ellie is modelling a scarf which I have knitted for myself, Ellie loves to be photograped so she thought it was great that she could take part. I managed to knit the scarf to a decent length without getting too bored with it and put on fringes which is the first time I have put fringes on anything and really pleased with how they turned out and the fringes didn't take too long either.
Next I managed to knit a dolls blanket for my niece who asked for one ever so nicely as she said her dolls were cold in their cot and she really needed a blanket for them so I knitted her one to my own design and will give her it for her Birthday in Febuary and for once I am actually ahead with presents not like normally when I am still trying to knit them at two in the morning the day before. May it continue until the end of the year but knowing me probably not.
I have just cast on a jumper for Paul he needs one but would not appreciate just a plain jumper it has to have something on it and that has to be Thomas the Tank engine of course. Not managed to get very far with it yet. I just know its going to drive me absolutely insane but what his Lordship wants he gets. As this blog goes on you will realise that it is usually Ellie that gets because their so many lovely girls things out there an she really loves anything and everything that you knit for her as for my oldest one he is so big at 12 he is 5 foot 9 inches and size 9 feet so unfortunetly he misses out a bit and he has hit teenager early so doesn't really wnat handknits anymore their lame.
I have also managed to get a few rounds on my socks done but not enough to photograph them maybe be further on next time especially if the Thomas jumper drives me nuts.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I am sitting here just now chuckling away to myself, when I was trying to bring Ellie back from nursery she decided to run to the front door but forgot to stop at the door and run right into it.
It was one of those motherly moments when your full of concern about the massive lump on her head but trying not to laugh because it was funny.
Right back to knitting finished my hat last night it is quite slochy even with all my hair at the back I think its time to go back to a pleat in my hair to make it fit properly.
And another image froma different angel.
I do apologise for my photo taking I will get there but don't the twins look cute they were only 13 months old then Robert is in the middle but you can't see him.
I have cast on my scarf to go with the hat.
Not very exciting I know but I wanted it to match the hat in texture as well as colour I will add fringes and I want to make it as long as possible but I know what I am like with scarfs get so fed up with the m after a while that as soon as they fit round the neck thats it but I will make it long.
The socks are no further on but maybe on the bus tonight on my way to work.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Finished at last.....

Just finished my cardigan its for me, me, meeee. I say this as i never get to knit anything for me so january is my month when I get all the books out and decide what I need to keep me going so here is the first of it.

The socks are also comming on slowly but surely , they take so long because I have UK size 10 feet massive for a women the whole reason I learned to knit socks for in the first place so I could have pink ones. Just noticed the photo looks as if their is purple in the yarn but there isn't it is blue (note to myself take some photgraphy lessons).
I cast on a sloppy hat as well even though they are fashionable which is unusual for me to have anything that is in fashion it has very practical reasons I always have my hair in a ponytail and most hats either don't fit or fall off. I am planning a scarf and fingerless gloves with a flap so when I am standing at the bus stop I don't freeze to death. A full set all the same colour I will be in heaven.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Stormy weather

Their is a storn brewing outside, the winds are really high and the rain is only moments away it is a day to stay inside ( must brave it to work )under my handknitted blanket (if only i had finished knitting it) in front of an open fire (don't have one of those. A well I can dream.

Stephanies Birthday

Stephanie is my partners granddaughter and it is her birthday today. I set myself a challenge to knit her a pink teddy which she had asked for a while ago in 2 days. I started it on Tuesday and yes I managed to get it done in time, finished it late last night. That will be the last toy I will knit for a while its not the knitting its the putting the together that I just can't stand.

The next Birthdays are my Granpas and nieces in Febuary don't know what I am going to knit for my Granpa but my niece wants a blanket set and clothes for her doll. She has went from being a Tomboy to little girl in the space of a couple of months.

Here is a picture of the pink Teddy.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

On the needles at the moment

This is a first as I am using the magic loop method for these socks I am a UK size 10 in socks so need to adjust patterns to suit so have used bigger needles and will make the foot longer.
This is my first attempt at a top down cardigan it is out of Yarn Forward and i am loving it its so easy although it does get quite heavy after a while.

Just thought i better let you see what i have my needles just now. The first thing is a pink teddy bear my Partners Granduughter asked me for one ages ago, then remembered 2 days ago it was her birthday this friday so trying hard to get it done just now. Heres a picture of what i have got done so far.

This is my stash busting blanket I have so many little bits and bobs lying about that i wanted something to use them on apart from toys. I find knitting squares so boring but this has been quite intresting to knit as you cast off turn and cast on the other side got the pattern free from ravelry its by Tamera Janneff.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year

Well its 2009. A whole year of fun and laughter well maybe a little bit. My New year resolutions for this year are:

1) To start actually posting on this blog.

2) To knit,knit and knit some more

3) and probably the most important one is to give up smoking.

Lets see how they all go and on the last day of 2009 I will look back and see if I have actually achieved any of these.

The first one i need to remember my password for that would help the second well thats easy 3 projects on the go at the moment anyways, the third thats the hardest and will need all my strength for.