Saturday, 5 February 2011

Very wet and windy Friday

I bet you thought that I had forgotten all about this blog again but I haven't I have been about. I really wanted to do a blog all about my WIP's and some FO's but the whether has been nasty for days now( I have never seen it so bad for so long) that taking any kind of decent picture is impossible.

I am thinking of taking part in this it is knitting the alphabet so 26 pairs of socks in a year, probably madness as I have never taken part in anything like this and have only ever completed a few pairs of basic socks but its worth a try. I have already missed the cast on date for A and B. I will decide over the next couple of days weather to cast on for C or just to wait until D socks. I need to get the pair of socks I am working on finished and the shawl for my Aunts birthday finished.

I have lost 3lb since the last time I posted which is now 1st 3.5lb.

Hopefully the weather will improve and I can get some photos for you. So until next time please take care.