Sunday, 22 February 2009

Why oh why?

I sat last night and knitted a little pair of bootees for my freind at work to give to her freind who is pregnant. I knitted them and thought at the time they were a bit small and couldn't see how they were suppossed to go together but I kept on and cast off and put them together once I had done the first one I looked at it and thought no its not right went back to the pattern and guess what I had left out a whole section of the pattern.
I can only blame it on the fact that I haven't really knitted a lot of baby things and didn't see that I had missed a vital part i.e the sole and my own stupidity at not at missing a whole part of the pattern. At least ellie will end up with a pair of bootees for one of her dolls as I start again.

My camara is still broken so have not been able to take any photos of Fo's but hopefully the beginning of the week and pictures of finished botees too.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bright socks and scarfs

Thought I had better tell you what I have been up to first off I finished my bright socks which someone at work has so kindly renamed clown socks I can see why.

They are done in Kingcole ZigZag sock yarn and the pattern is from violet greens sight and is It was really easy one to do for first time at a lace pattern on socks just 4 easy rows to remember.

Then last weekend Adventure Ted came home with us he is the nurseries teddy and every so often we have him home with us and I have to write a story about what Adventure Ted has been up to well when we got him home this was what the weather was like it was snowing very unusual for around here.
So we decided Adventure Ted just had to have a scarf to keep him warm so next thing the twins had me getting my needles out and some scrap yarn out and was knitting a trendy scarf for this teddy.
I have been up to a lot more but when I went to take the photos I discovered that the batteries are dead on my camara so they will need to wait until I can get some.
I have finished the Thomas jumper for Paul and started another pair of socks for me and a Vest and also a jumper for me. Ok Ok I know I normally only knit things in January for me but I got some other things done so I am extending it this year to Febuary and maybe beyond I like this knitting for myself just wish I wasn't so big and it didn't take so much yarn and time.