Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tah Dah

Just over a year ago I started a huge ripple blanket for my bed. I have finally finished it, it's now for a different bed in a different house but I love it all the same.
The pattern is Lucy's neat ripple pattern the yarn started off as any scraps or balls I had in my stash that were purple I then had to buy some most of them were Stylecraft from my LYS.

I toyed with the idea of putting a border on but decided it didn't need one just now but I know I can change my mind later and add one if I want to. I now have had a couple of nights sleeping under it and it is very cosy. This house is freezing so lots of blankets are required and I have already started another but more about that another day.

Thanks for reading Cathy.


Cattinka said...

Simply beautiful, I love the colours!
I made a ripple blanket but mine is blue and turquoise.
Have a nice day

Leah said...

Wow I admire your patience for making such a huge blanket! Your ripple is stunning - you must be so proud of it. I am just making a bed cover blanket now and I can't wait to finish it as I get too impatient!! Have a fabulous week.