Friday, 21 January 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Today in my world the twins had Crazy hair day, for a small fee they could go to school with their hair all crazy. So with P I spiked his hair and my neighbour had a littleblue hair dye. With E I put about 10 pig tails in her hair at all strange angles then I pleated some fancy yarns into her hair and some glitter. The results were great and the cost nothing apart from a little time.

Finally finished my pink socks. I started these early last year but they kept getting put to the side for other things.

They are made of Zig Zag sock yarn the pattern was the pattern you get free with the yarn.

I took some progress pictures of my main WIP its a very large Crochet bead spread done in a ripple. The pattern is from Attic24 tutorials. Trying to use up stash (you would never guess my favourite colour was purple) I selected as much purple from stash but each ripple takes 25g of yarn so I have been buying lots of different shades of purple in DK C. Considering I have only been Hooking for a couple of months its going quite quickly.
Casted on for something else but I think more about that another day when I get a chance to take photos and it is a bit further on. I also have another major WIP that again I will get photos of and will Blog about.

On a personal level My weigh in was on Thursday and that was another 4lb off so that 1st 1lb in 2 weeks as you can inagine its a wonderful feeling.

Please take care until next time.

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Zu said...

hehe Their hair looks great!
Love the colors in your blanket. You'll be a pro crocheter in no time.:-)